I am just amazed!

After using a Blackberry for years with WebMail, I have just switched over to a Sprint Treo600 with FastMail IMAP Mail and Marc Blank's CHATTER.

This is the most versatile, real-time mobile messaging system on the planet!

It does things the Blackberry service could only hope to accomplish.

What many users may not understand is that Marc's brilliant app is like Trillian for cell phones! It combines FOUR IM clients AND real-time "pushed" email, so that your Treo continues to receive mail as fast as FastMail's IMAP servers receive it.

Further, you can totally control what is happening on your mail server by using the clever "expunge" control, which clears "junk" off your account with your remote hand-held phone!

If anyone out there needs help getting set up, or wants to know why this combo is vastly superior to ANY Blackberry service, and how the system can basically turn your Treo 600 into a totally mobile office, please contact me directly.

Marc, you're a genius!!!

Kurian at FastMail.fm, you're one of the finest tech support agents I've had the good fortune to cross paths with!

Gary E. Brant, CEO
VeriTouch Ltd. - New York