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    Before I return my T600 to Sprint, I wanted to see if anyone has a workaround. In my job, I do a lot of 3-way calling. I will call one of my salespeople, and then 3-way in a customer. When that call is finished, I want to be able to keep the salesperson on the line and do another 3-way call. With my Treo, it seems I only have the option of disconnecting both lines, and then I have to call the salesperson back to do the next 3-way call.

    I have talked to several tech people at Sprint, and they all blame Handspring. On the Handspring site is a message blaming the Sprint CDMA network. One of the tech people at Sprint claimed that this is normal and all of the 3G phones work this way.

    Well, I went over to Best Buy and picked up a Samsung i500 and activated it on my wife’s account so I could compare. The 3-way calling works fine. I call the salesperson, then 3-way in the customer. When I am done with the call I just press “Talk” again and it disconnects the second call leaving me connected to my salesperson on the first line. I then press “Talk” again and do the next 3-way call. Exactly the way 3-way calling should work.

    I really want to keep the Treo, I like the screen better than the one on the i500, I really need the keyboard for responding to emails, and I really want the speakerphone, but I can’t do my job without 3-way calling working correctly. So, does anyone have a workaround for the Treo that will let me disconnect the second line of a 3-way call and stay connected to the first line?

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    I have to return my Treo by tomorrow, so I'm still hoping that someone has a workaround fix for the 3-way calling problem.

    It still blows me away that both Sprint and Handspring are too busy blaming each other to fix something that is a basic function that has worked on every cell phone I've owned.
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    Just got off the phone with Handspring. They acknowledged that they do get a number of calls complaining about the 3-way calling, that it works the same way on all versions not just Sprint, and that there is nothing at this time about it being corrected in the future.

    So, unless someone does come up with a workaround, I’m stuck having to return the Treo and go with the Samsung i500. Very depressing, I really like the Treo better but I can’t do my job without the 3-way calling working like it should.
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    I know how lame it is...however here is a even lamer™ work around:

    1) hang up all
    2) wait 5 seconds
    3) answer the phone ringing "no id"

    it works for me...but as I said is way lamer™
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    I did try that, and it did work for call waiting, but when I use the hang up all on a 3-way call it seems to just disconnect both lines and it never rings back. If I could get it to work the same way with 3-way calling, ringing me back after the hang up all, I would happily keep the phone.
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    I have been wondering the same thing. I also do a bit a 3-way, and I find ending the 3 way difficult.

    All I want to do is just talk to one person and get off with the other, but I end up getting off with both.

    Such is life I guess. I feel lucky that I am able to do it in the first place.
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    I must admit, this is my number 2 annoyance, right behind the space bar auto answer. C'mon Geak, you can fix this too! (And I will be glad to pay you again...)
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    In the T6 Bible.....I mean manual, on page 47, in black and white it basically tells you that HANG UP ALL is the only option available to us. Makes no sense to me, and the dinwit....I mean, engineer that designed this should be shot in the foot. (really any vital organ will do)

    Apparently the powers that be thought REAL 3-way calling was not something any of us do.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Look and read here


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