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    I have a treo 600. I downloaded my ACT address book into outlook and then synced my treo so i carry my Act database with me. (its a shared act database at work)

    I also have a very old palm (pilot) that has an bunch of personal addresses, synced to a different computer, that i would love to also have on my TREO, but separate from my other contacts and addresses.

    Any help or suggestions? I am not super computer literate.

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    You are probablu going to need a separate app to manage the two databases. the Contacts in the Palm opnly support one database. Do you have a lot of contacts in your old Palm Pilot? If you do not have a lot, You can try this old app called Multi Book. I am using on my Treo to keeps contacts that I do not want in my regular Contact database. The problem is that it does not sync. So you would need to type in the addresses etc. manually.
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    You could use "Beyond Contacts" from Dataviz which uses it's own contact database similiar to Outlook, and also sync the built in contacts.

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