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    Sprint CDMA version, Rev A, 1.10-SPR update, owned since Oct '03

    Here's the scenario: yesterday I noticed that about every 5-10 seconds the network activity arrows changed from gray to green for about 3 seconds, then back to gray for another 5-10 seconds, then to green, etc. etc. This cycle does would not stop unless I manually disconnected from the network. Upon reconnecting, the cycle starts over. Performed several hard-resets ... same exact scenario. The resulting drain on the battery is severe -- about 10% per hour.

    This is a new problem from me ... anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?
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    Do you have anything running in the background that would be polling data services, like Verichat, or Chatter, or an email program, etc?

    I know when I'm running Verichat it goes "green" to periodically check w/ the server, which is what I expect. 10% per hour sounds about right, maybe a little high unless you're actively using the data periodically.
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    I'm running on a hard-reset, non-hotsynced unit.

    Noticed that when I get out of my neighborhood, the problems goes away but starts over again when I return the area where I live. Has to be a tower issue.
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    I am having th same problem a to gray and back...only get one bar of signal strength at home (actually get roaming occasionally in the house)....only 1/2 mile from a Sprint tower...what goes here????...just got my T600 yesterday and the battery drain is significant....down to less than 70% in only 4 hrs.. (nothing is running in the background)

    BTW I live in Atlanta, not the boonies...Sprint has the entire metro area covered pretty well (not well enough for me it looks like) so I am confused???

    Any ideas???


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