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    Two questions:

    I set alarms alot and they always go off to remind me of an event. Is there a way to have another alarm go off when an event is occuring. Say I have an event at 11 and the alarm goes off at 10. Is there a way to set it up so I can have another alarm go off at 11, when an event is starting?


    Is there an easy way to see all the symbols like %^#$( are on the screen? I know some of those are availible on the keyboard but sometimes I come across something I need that isn't in there, like the _ underscore and I don't know where to find it. Is there some kind of list of all the symbols somewhere?
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    no one?
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    There is a great program called Symbolhack that allowed a pop-up table of symbols. However, SymbolHack has never been updated to support PalmOS 5.x

    I occassionaly ask the developer about plans to update this great little utility. You can learn more about it at
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