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    I need some email software that will grab my emails from my corporate windows/outlook/exchange secure server --not my laptop client which is always with me.

    Sprint says Eudora will do it. My buddy says Snappermail is better. Dose Snapper grab from server too?

    which is best for travlling salesman who wants simple userface?
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    can you get your email via pop3?

    if yes, thenj either of the two programs will work.

    eudora is free
    snapper isn't

    eudora has a size limit on their email
    snapper doesn't

    snapper can do attachement if you have the proper support programs.
    eudora ... dont think so

    snapper is still being developed.
    eudora isn't

    you may also want to try the palmone free email client that came with most gcm models. do a search here for a link on where to get it for a sprint phone. it is free and does attachments.
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    excellent. thanks. i assume if i install snapper then i can delete Sprint Biz Connect and stop paying for it?

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