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    Have a look Inside the Treo 600 (in French)
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    Thanks for shring that with the group.
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    So where's the slot for bluetooth ? I mean so many people were mentioning about that bluetooth slot and that so wonderful new release ( OH NO , NOT THAT 610 AGAIN ? ). I couldn't find it in the picture ! Would anyone kind enough to point out ? Thanks.
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    What I read wasn't that it was a slot, per se, but a socket on the circuit board that was unpopulated. In these pictures, you can't really see the chips on the board.
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    If you're interested in disassembling your Treo, the folks at are selling some useful tools to go with their internal battery replacement for the Treo 600.

    The tools they say are needed (all of which they sell) are T5 & T6 Torx Drivers and a "case opener tool." The latter appears to be a plastic stick with a thin end. Probably not critical, but cheap and probably easier and less marring than a small screwdriver for pulling open plastic tab locks.

    They also have directions for replacing the battery, which includes some internal photos.

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