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    Just ordered my Handspring Treo 600. It should be arriving in the next few days and I'm excited! I need a case. Thought I would try to glean wisdom from your experiences.

    What is your favorite 600 case and why?


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    Can I make a suggestion? Do a search. I think their must be about a 1000 messages dealing with this.
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    My vote..

    Krusell C3C.......check Treocentral Store.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. May I ask why you went with the Krusell? I'd love to hear from others as well! Is the Vaja worth the price over the Krusell? Why? Why not? I realize there is a lot of subjectivity to a thread like this but I just thought it might be helpful to those considering a case for their new baby!

    Just got my T-600 BTW. I love it! Knew upfront I'd be disappointed with the screen and I am. But I'm very impressed with the overall package of what I'm getting for my $.

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    Seriously, like Meyerweb said, do a search. Lots of people have done lots of case mini reviews in this forum. Anyway, with that said, my favorite is the Nutshell. Top line fit and finish. Have had mine for almost 2 months and still fits my Treo perfectly. Is wearing in like a great pair of jeans. Very stylish and the stainless steel belt clip keeps the Treo close to your hip, avoiding the Batman "utility belt" look. Thin enough to just put in your front pocket. I'm not worried about scratching it, that just ages the leather better. Overall, excellent protection for the Treo. Don't forget to get Phoneguard though. Most cases have issues with the space bar autoanswer.
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    I read alot about the Krusell C3C. It's fit....and how it totally protects the face of the Treo. Been using it 3 days now.....People all of a sudden notice my Treo on my belt. I originally had the form fitting case. It was nice but after a while the lockable plactic nut on the back came loose in the the leather. And the hole around it stretched to the point that it was loose. The case as a whole stretched and allowed to much give. Ofcoarse leather stretches a bit but I'm hoping that the Krucell holds up better inthe long run. Check Treocentral store and there's a review on the case in teh forums...take a look.

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