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    Ok, so I go to install the 1.10 update... everything seems to be working ok.

    The status bar is running and it's telling me to wait. then, I thought my power save mode turned off cuz my screen went black....

    So I hit a button to bring my phone back up so I could watch the status, and all I get is a white screen. I leave it for a few minutes, then I try to get it off... it wont go away, finally I have to reset.

    I re-syncd and I "think" everything is ok, but I don't know if I damaged the ?radio? in my phone, or if I got the update....

    Is there a way to check if I got it, and make sure everything is working ok?

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    You can check your phone software version by going to the phone app and dialing ##786. >Menu>Phone Info does pretty much the same thing. If it's 1.10-SPR you got the update.

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