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    I'm looking for an LCD module for a Treo 90 (the full screen, not just the digitizer). Mine is cracked. I took it apart, and it looks like a simple matter to replace the screen, but I can't find one anywhere! The part number stamped on the module is "HND 030296-00G-2G237D".

    I've looked all over for this part, and so far have found absolutely nothing. I even sliced the screen open (it's broken anyway), just to see if I can find a manufacturer stamp for the internal components - nothing! Could Handspring have actually manufactured the individual parts themselves? I would be surprised if they did.

    Anyway, any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think you need to contact palmOne to have your Treo 90 LCD repaired since that part is not sold in any market.

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    how many new threads can u start in ten minutes?

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