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    I experienced the dreaded buzzing problem for the first time and am considering returning the phone for a replacement. However, I have one of the early unlocked models with Cingular branding, bought directly from Handspring. Will the replacement also be unlocked, or might they give me one bound to Cingular for real? Since I use ATT, that would be a problem.

    Also, is there a real indication that Handspring has solved this problem in later units and the replacement is less likely to have the problem?

    Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    Is your problem similar to mine?

    See post
    "Intermitent Buzzing - Anoying as Hell "
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    Yes, same problem. The person on the other end heard a buzzing but I didn't. I then verified it by calling my own land-line, and the sound was a loud, annoying droning that nobody could possibly ignore. After 10m on the charger, the prob lem went away, and I haven't seen it since.

    I'm afraid that if I return the phone, I'll get back a locked cingular one in return, which will be useless to me.
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    I can let you know once I receive mine. How can I tell if it's locked or not?
    I am surprised the problem went away after charging it. Even when I take mine right off the charger and begin using it the buzzing returns. I haven't atttempted the upgrade yet. I am waiting to hear more from this forum or my Cingular guy gets back on Tuesday
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    None of the Cingular units are locked despite some reports here that is saying they are locked. This is just some uninformed Cingular sales people. I use T-Mobile and have gotten two replacement units and those were both unlocked as was the original.

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