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    J2ME Beta 2 is out !!!

    ...go and get it at palmone...

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    Any idea on how to activate sound on any of these games running on the T6?


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    anyone know of a way to rename this apps, so that they will be called whatever we want on the palm?
    Such as "Chess" instead of "Spruce Chess"?
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    Do you have to install all of the prc in the IA32 folder with the new PublicBeta2? I see a bunch I don't recognize like: ams, j9secpol, j9exchanger, j9keystore, etc... Any ideas?
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    Anyone have any luck with the rainbow six game yet? and were can i get the program to convert JAR to PRC?

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    See this is why I'm glad I switched over to Tro 600. Does anyone know what other "good" free apps or links to them? I haven't downloaded anything yet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Alright folk, since we know got Java working on the Treo 600, I thought we should start a list of available free java games that work!

    (If don't know how to get java on your Treo, checkout this thread )

    Anyway, I've been experimenting with free java games available for other phones like the following for various Nokia phones. I've found that some of them work and others do not. Please list any games you've found that can work on the Treo. You can convert them using the Jartoprc app found in the Bin directory of IBM websphere toolkit.

    I'll begin this thread with a few freeware java games that I found work on the Treo:

    Asteroids: Classic simple games. Downloaded and converted from above linked site. Use nav pad to move and center button to shoot!

    EDIT: Rember guys, you need to have java installed for these games to work!

    The thread link wont work anymore. Anyways are there directions somewhere else? I'm new to the treo game so I have no clue how to get java on my treo. Any ideas
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    Just goto this adress and read the page. If you do read it correctly there is a way to get it for free and not pay $6. I am not going to tell you how, jus read the page.


    Java Runtime
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    The ones I love..

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    Oh ok I figured it out. You just go to that link you posted and fill out the application and for palm device just put T3 and it will let you download the java stuff but you can pick the one for Treo smartphones. Thank you
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    I did that but once java was installed it keep reseting my Palm if i hit a key when in palm main menu or the 5 key keypad to fast.
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    Oopps i downloaed the beta of version 2 that does not work on treo make sure you download version 1 and it will work.
    Treo 600-Sprint v1.20
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    Well I figured I'ld revive this thread after soooo long. As many of you can recall, about 2/3 of this original thread was lost after the great Treocentral crash of April 2004. Unfortunately, most of the uploads I posted at that time were lost and I lost interest in reposting them... so anyway, I just re-converted a bunch of jars and I thought I'ld post them hear as well. If anyone has any java apps they'ld like converted, just mention it in this thread and I'll post it for you!!!

    Anyway, here are the converted prc's for Piranha PriceCheck online search of Amazon. Below are the US, UK, and German versions! Enjoy!
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    Did the thread for how to get java on the T6 survive the GREAT CRASH?
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    I registered, is it MIDP1 or MIDP2?
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    One other question. Where do you get the PRC converter from so I can join the fun and add to this great list?
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    How do you uninstall the Java tool set? It looks like it created MANY files once I executed the MIDILet prc. I also installed it to the SD card and it moved itself to the palmcard. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Do you know how to get around the AllCanvas error?
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    Well, here's my prob. first off I dont have a cable
    but I did get the 2 files:

    from :

    now since I have no cable, I would like to know what folder u put them in and how do u install, if possible w/o a cable.
    if not, then if someone can tell me what folder its in on your sd flash, or if it isn't, if there's a proggy u CAN put on a sd and move it from there to your phones ram...
    i will get a cable eventually (i seen some for around 5 bucks including shippin on ebay), but getting that comes with time... shipping time 2... and time waiting = bad! well thx if u can help me! thx is not 2
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    i used fileZ todo it. but I would like to know how to put ringtones on ur fone... and what format a treo plays ( doubting it plays .mp3, and .midi is out of the question)...
    i would upload one and find where it goes, but i have no internet on mine.. but ill test since no one here seems experienced with treos
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