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    Download Learn!? v2.4.1 Import Tool v1.1

    I don't know if anyone here uses this program or not, but I recently needed a good flash card program to help me learn some Japanese terminology for my Karate classes and this one came in handy.

    It's a freeware program called Learn!? by Sebastian Laiblin.

    The most recent version (2.4.1) seems stable enough, but for some reason they took out the ability to locally import flashcards from your PC. In order to import cards from your PC, you have to use a web page they have setup to convert it for you.

    I thought this was really lame and emailed him about the possiblities of converting the files locally but I have yet to receive a reply. I just can't see depending on his web site for the entire life of the program. What if I don't have internet access or worse yet, his web site is down?

    Anyway. I took it upon myself to write a small Import Tool in VBScript that will allow you to import any file locally. I've tested it on two machines here at home and both seem to be able to use it with no problems.

    Anyone want to help me test it out?

    You can download the Learn!? program from here and the Import Tool from this link or the link at the top of this post.

    The import tool inside the zip file is called "Import1_1.vbs." Just extract this file and double click on it to install it on your PC. It will give you instructions on how to use it after the install is complete.

    If you need to uninstall the Import Tool, just visit "Add/Remove Programs" under your control panel and do the usual song and dance.

    You'll probably want to read this page (provided by the Learn!? author) that tells you how to format your tab delimited files for import. Note that on this page it says the order should be "title, answer, hint, question", but in every one of his examples he has the "question" field coming before the "answer" field.

    I've only imported questions and answers so far, and I've used the "Question<TAB>Answer" format with no problems, so I suggest using that order in spite of what his web site says.

    If you want more information on the installation, use, or uninstallation of the Import Tool, just right click on the Import1.vbs file and choose edit. It should be readable in notepad and I think you'll find it to be very well documented.

    If you want more information about the Learn!? program you can find it on the author's website or of course on PalmGear.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Sorry if someone actually managed to download the file and attempt to install and use the Import Tool within the first hour after I posted it. I had uploaded an older version of the file that had problems installing and importing small files.

    Somehow I doubt I'll ever have anyone test it anyway, much less have someone download it in the first hour it's out there at 4am.

    But just in case, the correct version is out there now so everything should work fine. At least I hope does, because I'm going to bed now.

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    There's so much software for the Palm platform! My wife will love this for her T600; she's currently in nursing school. Thanks for the post, and 'hi' from Enterprise.
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    Oops. We had to be at a Karate function this morning so I kinda missed my oportunity to get sleep. :-(

    Anyway, we're on the road and I'm board so I'm writing a quick post to list future features I plan on adding to the Import Tool.

    1) Add functionality to handle Excel's tab delimited quotes system. Currently all quotes stay intact. Even the double quotes that are supposed to represent a single quote.

    2) Allow multiple line cells to transfer as multiple line questions/answers. (By multiple lines I mean when you press Alt-Enter while entering data into an Excel Spreadsheet.)

    3) Allow import from directly within Excel (Most likely using VBA within Excel)

    NOTE: Updates 1 & 2 are not problems caused by the Import Tool. The same problems exist when you import an Excel file online also. If I can get around this problem, then the Import Tool will actually offer more functionality than the author's own online tool. I think he just dropped the ball on this proogram.

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    Well, a new version is posted now. Just download it using the same link at the top of this thread.

    The problems resolved are:

    1) You can now install the program from anywhere. You can just open it from directly in the ZIP file or unzip it before installing it.

    2) Alt-Enter carriage returns in Excel actually enter carriage returns in the Learn!? application when imported now. (I have to correct myself on the earlier posting. This was NOT an issue with the online tool and aparently WAS a problem with my Import Tool.)

    3) The extra quotes added to lines by Excel are no longer imported. This is done by only importing quotes that are doubled up. For example if your file has a line like this:

    "What is the byword for the japanese word ""Yoshukai""?"

    Then when you import the file it will remove the quotes at the begining and end of the question and remove two of the four quotes around the word Yoshukai. The resulting imported line would be.

    What is the byword for the japanese word "Yoshukai"?

    As a result of this "fix", if you're making your own text files you will have to enter two sets of quotes around anything you want to be quoted. I don't consider this to be a big inconvinience because I think most people who use this program probably use Excel to create the tab delimited files anyway.

    I'm not changing the version number because the program is not publicly posted to any software sites right now and only one person (indirectly at that) from this forum has shown interest in the Learn!? program. But that's ok. I'm not really doing this for anyone other than myself anyway. If it can make someone else's life easier then that's great!


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    Now that you've provided the software, all I need is another grant for pda's in my classroom. This is awesome. I'm going to post it to the Foreign Language Teacher listserv.

    BTW, is this thread Alabama only?
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    Originally posted by Alli

    BTW, is this thread Alabama only?
    The way the education compares to the rest of the country, it ought to be
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    Originally posted by shreksbrother

    The way the education compares to the rest of the country, it ought to be
    I'll have you know, Alabama is a national leader in education. I know that may sound funny, but it's true. A few weeks ago, I received a request from someone in the New York State Department of Education, to use material from OUR (Alabama's!) website TRIP . (I'm responsible for the foreign language curriculum component to this site.) We - of course! - gave them permission.
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    Is this program still available? The link isn't working for me.
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    Hi Jenn, welcome!

    It looks like Techdude's import tool link is no longer live, but the Learn!? app is available on Palmgear:

    The geocities link about Learn!? is still live at
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    Thanks. I already have Learn!?, but I've been having trouble importing files with the website. I should have made it clearer in my post, but I'm specifically interested in getting techdude's import program.
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    I just updated my links at the top of this page. They should work now. Sorry for the confusion. Also note that the author of Learn!? had me remove the learn program from my original zip file so you'll have to download them separately now.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply! Is this usable on a mac?
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    Since it is a vbscript and it makes changes to the Windows registry I'm guessing it won't. If there is a way to execute vbscripts on the mac then I'm sure it could be easily adaptedto run on the mac, but since I don't use a mac and don't really have knowledge of the mac environment someone else would have to take on that challenge.

    Sorry I don't know more about the mac. Let me know if I can help.


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