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    I have a Treo 600 on Sprint PCS. SF area of CA.

    Is there an "email gateway" that I can use to send an SMS message to my phone?

    Yes, I can send SMS msgs from Sprint PCS's web site.

    My previous phone was a Kyocera 6035 on Verizon. I could send a regular email msg to and it would be delivered to my phone via SMS. (I'm not sure that was the right domain name... it might have been "myvzn" or whatever). Email messages longer than the "limit" (of 120 chars or so) were simply truncated.

    Does anyone know if Sprint has such a gateway?

    Or does a generic email to SMS gateway exist?

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    Thank you SOOOOOOooooooo much. (It works.)

    I don't know why sprint couldn't have told me....

    I did try a few forward domains, but "messaging" wasn't one of them.
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    Is there something liek this for Optus in Australia?

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