The earlier "commitments" never were accompanied by an order form where you put in your credit card and actually buy the product.

That's how it's different for me, and in this case. For those that ordered a t-mo or unbranded phone on Handspring's site since they were made available, that's the standard that those pre-orderers expect. to whine that their order status has been on "awaiting shipment" for more than 2 days is pointless and unwarranted, because their preorder was made with the foreknowledge that Handspring wasn't claiming shipment until "early March". Other posters have verified that their credit cards have not been charged yet even while in the "awaiting shipment" status, so even THAT's not an issue.

you severely undermine the legitimacy of your general gripe by complaining about things that aren't justifiable complaints. people will take you more seriously if you don't present yourself as a ranting loon.

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Perhaps. Tell me, how is "early March" different from the many earlier commitments that they have missed?