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    I recently purchased Handpainter Pro (1.43) and it runs great on my Treo 600. Over the past few months, I'd tried several art programs and Handpainter Pro was the best of the lot.

    I primarily use it for rough (spontaneous) logo design as well as generating draft pixel art for mobile games.

    Anyone have experience with Handpainter? Is there a better choice out there for "serious" work on the go...?
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    Checkout Tealpaint:

    It's probably the best palmos drawing app around imo...
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I downloaded and tried out Tealpaint for a few hours. It has some impressive features, but is hobbled by a poor user interface.

    I would love to transplant Tealpaint layers, grid, fill and a few other tools over to the Handpainter UI. Also the large image size and variable bit depth are extremely useful...

    Hmmn.. Perhaps it might be better to just transplant the Handpainter UI to Tealpaint? :-)
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    I've tried all of the paint program and I think that the best is Moepaint. It is free and it works perfectly on my treo
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    Hmmmn... Surprised that this thread is back... I've since changed my mind and now use Tealpaint and Moepaint exclusively. Handpainter Pro has been removed from my Treo due to lack of developer support...
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    Has anybody tried MobilePaint? Several months ago I tried the demo and it looked really good, but it didn't have a Mac conduit so I discarded it. Since then, there's been some revisions (still no Mac conduit, but now has the ability to export bmps to memory card). I wanted to try the new demo, but because I tried the earlier version, when I installed the new one it said my trial period had expired. Info from the web site makes it look quite tempting though...


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    MobilePaint is very, very, very heavy !!!!
    I use MoePaint and PixMarker...great.
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    I am looking for a drawing program that i can insert text into it... any suggestions?
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    I have a package called DrawIt, written by Andrew Empson, and the website is

    It features many tools including freehand, line, circle etc, grid, fill, clone stamp, colour picker, *text insert*, mirror mode, graduate, select box, flip and more. It has two active colours like photoshop, has a single level undo, and handles multiple files all compressed. It has a great UI with tabs for the tools. It is fully customisable so you can have as many tabs as you like, and have on them whatever buttons you please. You can also assign your hard keys.

    I haven't used it too much, but it looks to be a neat little app. Give it a go!

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    I've been looking for a good paint program. I really liked Grey Paint on my old Visor - the drawing tools feel a lot like real charcoal or conte. Lately, I've been checking out Niner Paint. It has a very similar feel, but is in color. (Also, it has animation features.) The only problem is it is currently limited to 160x160, but they say the new version will go up to 480x320.
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