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    Yes I come from the dark side. Formerly a PPC2000 camper I need the Palm version of Pocket Informant. I'm specifically missing split screen views of notes attached to appointments. Today and better calendar views. The "alarm note" function I'm sure would be a separate product (bugme maybe?).
    I've looked at both Agendus datebk5 and am unsure which would be a more appropriate replacement.
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    As a former Pocket Informant user on an HP, I'd say that DateBk5 is the better replacement. It does many things much better than PI to begin with, and has good integration with the T600.
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    Agreed. I used to use PI on my Jornada 568 and now use Datebk5. It looks intimidating at first, but is really quite easy to use.
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    It appears I'm going to have to go through the manual for datebk5. The screenshots and product descriptions on their website fail to sell me while the Agendus website and product descriptions seem to match exactly with what I want. I'll dig.

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