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    Open ended question:

    I bought the updgrade-offer T600 from Handspring for the Sprint network late last year. My wife decided she wanted to take my old T300.

    I have never been in the position where I've had a reason/desire to wonder how to leverage the powers of having a digital family until now and I am finding it sort of difficult to come up with a 'best practices' for:

    1) Sharing or merging a calendar, to-do list or appointment.
    2) Syncing HandyShopper2 databases between two palm devices.

    For the first, I haven't come up with anything so I am all ears. For the second I use FileZ to beam the database back and forth - but that isn't exactly syncing it.

    What are you all doing to accomplish these tasks?
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    I tried to delete this and repost it under General Software but I couldn't delete this post.

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