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    Why is it I have to have the Desktop Bizcon running for me to sync with my mail. They mean to tell me there is no way to send, receive mail without having that Bizcon app running.
    Treo 600
    Sprint service
    Bizcon PE

    Ive tested the device with AT&T service and their mail client was able to do so.
    Is there a mail client that supports IMAP that doesnt have to be simultaneously running on a PC?
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    Well I would guess that thousands of users of BC would disagree with "BC sucks" as the answer is simple as to why it does this. If your corporation has your email server locked down with no public Internet access then BC solves that since it securely tunnels the data through a port 443 out to your device without IT intervention. It serves as the re-director for this.

    As for IMAP... you technically do not have to have the Desktop connector running if your IMAP server is publicly accessible. You just need to configure the Web based connector. I've posted about this one several time as it is not widely known and easy to overlook. If your IMAP server is not publicly available then the desktop piece is required.
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    Is there a way to know if the IMAP server is publicly available without talking to IT?

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    how do i configure the web based connector
    whats the point of having a mobile device to connect to email if i have to have another app running on my laptop? Ill just use my laptop to connect.
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    Open up the BC app on your Treo -> menu -> account -> select or manage (I forget which one) and there you will have the option to setup BC to work with your IMAP account, which will allow BC to check your email without the desktop program running in the background. You can also set it up by going to
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    Is there another re-direct service we can use on Sprint if we don't want to use the Biz Conn service? I mean are there 3rd part products? I use Lotus Notes at work and would love to have that email to check on my Treo 600
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    I use Basejet to access my corporate Lotus Notes email!

    The only piece missing for me is the ability to access my desktop folders provided by Business Connection.
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    There is Dataviz's ( Inbox-to-go as well.

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