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    I found the ##786 number in another thread to check out the phone information page. What I noticed while there was that under the listing Refurb Status, it said Yes. And under that was Refurb Provider which said HND.

    So am I to assume that this means my phone is a refurb from Handspring? I just bought this phone "brand new" at a sprint store this weekend. They don't carry these phones in the stores, but the store I was in just happened to have one for some reason. I asked if it was refurbished and the guy said no. Is this something I should be concerned, or contact coustomer service about? Phone seems to be operating wonderfully, but this does kind of disturb me a bit that they sold me a refurb as brand new.

    Also noticed later when I got home that my headset that was supposed to be in the box was missing. Hmmmm.
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    I would take it back and show them the refurbished status and demand a new one!

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    Originally posted by chazglenn3
    I would take it back and show them the refurbished status and demand a new one!
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    well, I need to go to the store anyway to get a new headset since mine was mysteriously missign from my box, so I guess I'll bring it up then. Can't believe they gave me a refurb in place of a new phone as a brand new customer with Sprint.
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    Take the ENTIRE box back with you, and show them that it was missing the headset.

    However you are not missing anything, the hedset is the worst quality I have EVER seen.
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    "Can't believe they gave me a refurb in place of a new phone as a brand new customer with Sprint."

    Why can't you believe it?

    Best case scenario ... you buy it as new. Worst case (and unlikely) scenario, you punch in that particular key combination, and return the phone ... they sell it to someone else who probably won't enter that combination.

    Either way, they don't lose anything.
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    However if they sell it to the wrong person, they will not return the phone, they will sue Sprint for selling a used item as new. There are some pretty sue happy people out there, so I would not put it past anyone.
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    well, I'm not going to sue anyone, and the phone seems to be working perfectly fine *knocks on wood*, but if I can return it under the pretense that I was supposed to get a new one, then maybe I can get a newer build with a camera in it that does not fill the image with blue dots.
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    Look...The good news is that you have a good working unit...
    Go after some type of credit or rebate for not disclosing the selling of Refrub units...

    Also make sure that the warrenty is not effected by this ...
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    A friend of mine who purchased their Treo 300 a year ago from Amazon (through the $250 deal back then) received their phone as new.

    Recently, he went in for a malfunctioning speaker (it only worked using a headset), and the representative asked if he was the original owner of the phone, since the warranty is only for the original owner.

    My friend stated that he was the original owner, he had purchased it as new from Amazon. The Sprint rep didn't believe him because in their system, it showed that a previous owner had used the ESN for that same phone.

    In the end, they honored the replacement, although the system shows that he had not been the first user for that phone. As he remembers it, the packaging and everything was brand new, shrink wrapped.

    I believe that Handspring (now PalmOne) gets some returns from users who have used their Treos for less than 30 days. They take those returns and put the plastic sheet over the screen and flips, place new manuals and accessories in the box with the "used" phone and rolls them out into the marketplace again and even leaves the hardware stating that the phone was never refurbished. It's possible that Amazon could have done this, but I don't think they have the shrinkwrapped manuals and accessories laying around.
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    Originally posted by gryphone
    How about this:

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    What did that have to do with anything?

    Anyway, took it into the store. The guy that sold it to me had me call coustomer service cause he wasn't sure what to do (since it's not a phone the stores carry). Got passed back and forth a couple time on the phone and then got a lady who asked ot speak with the Store rep. They talked shortly, then he went and got some info from their system. He then went to have his manager order a new phone.

    Well, his manager comes back and says that their system shows that it is a new phone. That I am the only person that IMEI has been registered to (same thing one of the CS guys on the phone had said). I told them that I don't know who's fault it is, maybe Handspring is refubishing phones and giving them to Sprint as new. But somehow or another this phone has been refurbished as can be seen in the phone info page. She then said that it might have been a programming mistake, and I siad probably not.

    I then asked about my headset. The manager said, "Oh, the Treo 300's came with headsets, not the 600's." I simply pointed out the line on the side of the box that read "Includes Hands-Free Headset," and she said, "Oh" and went in the back and got me one.

    So after all this, everywhere in their system shows that the phone is new, they can't replace it without their beign a problem, and like I said, the phone is working great. So they made a notation on my account that said that they admit to the fact that while their system says new, the phone says refurbished, and if I have any problems with it, there should be no questions about getting a quick replacement.
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