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    Guys I've had my T600 for about 3 months now and love it. 5 days ago when I tried to connect to Vision I get this...

    "Error: 3000: Data service unavailable in this area. Please try again later. Please try again later. (0x713E)"

    I did a hard reset, no luck... I've waited 5 days.. no luck.
    I been from Orlando to Miami, no luck.
    I tried a search of this also but... not luck.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!!

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    Dude...why don't you just call *2 and talk to a Sprint tech?
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    That's probably going to be hours of waiting and talking, and going to the next tear, and waiting... and talking...
    I would much rather check here first to see if anyone had a clue...
    I hope it doesn't come to that!

    Any ideas?
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    Now I've got the dreaded "Network Search" everytime I try to make a call... Looks like I'll be going into the store tomorrow morning.

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    A hard reset does NOT take care of the "error 3000" that u r receiving. According to Tier 2, it is some sort of network timeout message.

    I didn't get the error 3000 until I switched phones. In my case, I was told that in Sprints system, it wasn't recognizing that my phone is a vision phone.

    To solve my problem, I was told that my phone needed to be reset WITHIN Sprints database.

    I'm sorry I can't elaborate more at this time. I am at I will respond more once I get another break.

    In the meantime, only talk with Tier 2; the lower level reps and techs CANNOT take care of this for you. My issue took 2 weeks to resolve.
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    reprovision your phone

    connect to sprint provisioning
    launch IOTA (its a hidden app)

    if that doesnt work the best I can say is get a PRL update, but that won't do anything for i dunno
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    Well, I talked to a tier 2 tech... they didn't have a clue. Said to take it into a Sprint store and they would "see what they could do."
    I'm not sure how to enter into provisioning and launch Iota....
    Thanks for the help.

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    use the demo of zlauncher for this one so you have the option to view hidden apps up zlauncher>zlauncher prefs-->select "show hidden apps"
    3.go to prefs-->network
    4.from the dropdown menu, select sprint provisioning, hit connect
    5.go back to zlauncher
    6.launch "IOTA"
    7.Wait for it update, it's better to leave it in a charger while you do this, it tends to soak up some battery...5 or 6% of it
    8.Congratulations it should work, if not, that's fine just keep hounding damage done...
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    I'm searching for zlauncher now to do it..
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    Thanks for the help but it didn't work. Still gives me error 3000 and says can't connect.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Tom, did you ever get this fixed and how? I'm having the same problem for the past two days. Thanks.

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