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    Thanks to all the TC members who prepared me for dealing with the Sprint store tech today.

    Yesterday I got hit hard by the "Network Search" problem. My Treo is now 3 months old, a Rev C acquired mid-Nov. 99% of my outgoing calls died with a "Network Search".

    Called Sprint & they said take it to a store. Store Tech said he knew exactly what the problem was and a hard reset would solve it. Grinning to myself I said Go for it since I have a fresh backup.

    He did a hard reset and called his own cell phone and of course it worked. Handed it back to me and said You're OK now. I said let me try and proceeded to get 2 Network Searches in a row. Told him I wanted an HP test.

    He came back and said I have a very sick phone--it failed 11 out of 17 of the tests they performed!

    Submitted a replacement order right away.

    One very good thing to his credit. He suggested I bring the replacement unit in to be tested before I return my sick one.

    It really really pays to be part of this forum.

    Thank you one and all!
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    ...but, what is an HP test.
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    Originally posted by Druce MacFarlane
    ...but, what is an HP test.
    I have no idea. I learned about it from one of the threads about the Network Search problem.

    Knowing to ask for the test made the difference between my getting a replacement ordered today and having to make multiple trips before finally convincing the Sprint Tech I had a serious problem.
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    I am glad I asked you what an HP test was, as the very next day my Treo started exhibiting the "Network Search" bug.

    It really shortened the troubleshooting cycle when I went to my local Sprint store. My new(er) Treo should arrive Monday.

    My only worry is that I might get a PalmOne branded Treo instead of my old pal Flip in the left corner. Now I am going to look like just another Johnny-come-lately instead of the early adopter I was, ordering early from Sprint Business Division.

    Oh, well. Could be worse. I could be carrying a Samsung I330!
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    I need some help. I also have the Network Search problem. It only happens intermitently. My treo also freezes when a call comes in so that I cant answer it. Also as I navigate through different screens the phone freezes and then preforms the actions a couple of seconds later. I bought my Treo from Handspring directly in Oct of 03, not from a Sprint store. Will I be able to return the phone under the manufactures one year warranty or can it be fixed. I have already gone in to Sprint for this problem and the tech did a hard reset and update, but my problems are still happening. I have not done this hp test though and maybe that will fix or determine the problem.
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    I guess it's no coincidence that my October '03 circa Treo 6 started to behave badly this week - mostly battery issues. I began to notice that the battery would drain rapidly after a full charge, even while sitting idle in my holster. After a while, the battery would not charge even when plugged in. Soft resets would remedy the situation, yet it would display a red "X" meter despite showing 100% charged. The phone was becoming very unreliable so on Saturday, I took it to the Sprint store in Los Angeles - City of Commerce.

    I explained the problem to a sales person who said that they needed an hour to test the phone. I walked around the mall for the required hour. Upon return, the sales person told me that the phone was not operating properly, and that they would replace my phone. Having read about the refurbished Treo 600's sent by Lockline, I was prepared to ask about the quality of the replacement phone, but before I could say anything, she said they would give me a brand-new Palmone branded Treo phone. Within 20 minutes, I backed up my old phone, did a hard reset on it, exchanged it for the new phone and walked out.

    The RTN info shows 11 minutes, a 02/01/2004 warranty date, Hardware C, and a surprise, Software Rev Treo600-1.10-SPR.

    Very cool. I don't know if store policies vary, but in December, the Pasadena store would not exchange my daughter's defective Sanyo 8100, an item that is probably well-stocked. The woman who waited on me at Commerce appeared to be the store manager, so maybe its a good idea to try to get serviced by the higher ups in the store.

    Anyways, I'll be keeping a close eye on this new replacement. Considering the number of reports here, there seems to be a possible lemon issue.


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