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    Some updates in case it is of interest. Even the Rs 99 so called "GPRS" option works on Treo 600. It should have always worked except the Hutch support guys don't know what they have set up. All that it requires is to define the CORRECT proxy server in Blazer (or whatever browser you are using on the treo 600). Which took a lot of effort to figure out. After I did that I can surf the net - access my corporate e-mail (through Outlook Web Access). As far as I can make out - this is not just WAP because I can reach sites that I know are not WAP enabled. I think the difference is with Rs 499 plan you get a real IP address when you are connected, with this Rs 99 plan you don't so you have to always work behind a proxy server as a result you can't for example use a VPN client on your T600 to connect to your corp network or set up a POP3 client and download mail from your server on to T600. You need to use OWA to access your email.
    Satish Joshi
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    Satish Joshi
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    Will Hutch guys provide the Proxy server details
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    They certainly will. Only thing is, the first address they give may not be the right one. The key is not to loose heart and keep pestering them so they keep giving more numbers eventually you will stumble upon one that will work. The proxy server address and port that works for me is and port no 9401. They gave me the correct proxy address several weeks ago but never mentioned the port no. I assumed that the proxy server must be using commonly used ports like 80 or 8080 - none worked. Finally they came through with the correct port no. You may want to try the address and port given above
    Satish Joshi
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    I have been using Treo 600 for last one year in India with Airtel and I have helped many friends who are on Hutch to use GPRS. I have used my GPRS connection in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. It works great.
    The settings given by one user above are absolutely correct. The customer service centers are never of help and one needs to ignore them and just tell them to activate the service. I have the 499 GPRS unlimited plan.
    The one thing I have been unable to set up is MMS. Any help would be appreciated.
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    hey..i will be traveling to india in december and when i went last year i had hutch and signed up for some gprs plan. it was crazy slow. I didnt know they have a 499 all you can eat plan, and i cant find it on their website. are the speeds good w/ that plan. Also are there any better gprs services in india, i will be in gujarat. thanks.
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    Can anyone send gprs settings for treo 270 on Airtel

    Thanks in Advance,

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