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    What is QSET and where do I get it?
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    I agree that you can take good pictures with the 600. I also agree that it has been bashed more than it should. But on the other side, I also know that the camera should be better without any cost increase over what I paid.

    I held my 600 camera side by side against one on a Verizon cell phone in our living room. The Verizon one had options to change light filtering so that there were no extraneous spots - blue or otherwise - while my 600 still had them. That underlined the 600's camera weakness. It being only .3 megapixel is not the problem as the pictures posted above show that when the light is right the picture quality is good. The critical problem is the way it filters light. There is absoulutely no reason that the light filtering software for the 600 couldn't be on par with the Verizon cell phone I looked at. It belonged to my college attending cousin who can't afford better beer than PBR for crying out loud. It was a low end phone that had better light filtering - not a $5K camera. I wouldn't be surprised if it even had a lower resolution then the 600. But while he was busy taking pictures I was embarassingly trying to re-position myself around the room to work around what should have been adequate lighting.

    I agree that the tips posted above can sometimes work as I use them myself. But as far as I'm concerned, they are not rules for properly taking pictures or learning how to use a camera. They are tips for attempting to work around the 600's software flaws for processing light. And sometimes it doesn't matter what you do with the camera, the picture just isn't going to happen even if it seems like a reasonable amount of lighting in the area.

    Attached, below is my 600 masterpiece...
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    Originally posted by scandalex

    First, my responses were all in conjunction to the original poster, and those there after.

    Second, I cant think of any reason why I'd want to ruin the look of my phone with some damn electrical tape. Do you decorate yours like that?
    No, I use the camera with all its know limitations.
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    I've used camera's on most GSM mobiles out there and the Treo's rates as one of the worst(Panasonic X70 being the worst).

    The best for still objects was probably a strap on job for the SPV , however the 5sec refresh even with reg tweaks was a bit of a drag.

    Just find most incredibly inaccurate.

    Still, I recently bought a 35mm over a 10mp digital so perhaps I'm biased.

    Anyone listen to vinyl over CD? Analogue just does information intended for our analogue senses better.

    Quite a laugh in the binary world in which I work
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    I second the question, what is Qset, what does it do and where can I get it?
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    If someone had said five years ago "Ya know why this cell phone sucks? It doesn't have a camera." Everyone would have thought you were making a joke....

    It kills me that people get upset that their smart PHONE doesn't take great shots... well Luna has proven, as I have myself, that it takes perfectly good pictures.

    I will say the fact that my smart PHONE doesn't have all the PHONE features I want, bothers me a heck of a lot more than the idea that the camera isn't 5 megapixels.

    I just wish I got it last week when the QM2 was going up the Hudson on my way to work

    Here's my complaint from 7 years from now: "I wish my Treo 2150 worked a little better with my 3D SynCplasma 55" VisionNet Appliance. Damn you PalmOneSQ!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by duandcc
    I second the question, what is Qset, what does it do and where can I get it?
    For the prc go to:

    To learn more about the software:
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    OK, I feel like an *****. How do I install it? When I click on the link on my PC, it pops a new window filled with gibberish. Do I need to go to that URL directly from my Treo?
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    Read his post again. Luna said he resized them to half size on his computer. That would make the pics smaller and sharper. Let's ask Luna to post the originals without retouching and see what they really look like. Are you listening Luna?

    Quote Originally Posted by crucifixion

    those are unbelievable pics!!!

    Compared to yours, the pics I take with my Treo 600 are like dot matrix.

    There has to be some kind of setting you have it on to make the pics come out like that.

    Do you know what specifically you have done with the camera's settings???


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    OK so I got Qset on 99 have pickem installed but not really sure what it does if anything. I set my salt and pepper shakers on my kitchen table in front of a white box and took a picture. It's not too bad but not sure how to resize it. When I open it the attributes in paint are 120x160 pixels. So now what?
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    Never mind had the treo set to take ittle pix!
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