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    I am trying to figure out something on caller ID. Does it only work if the person/number calling is already in your contacts list? That seems to be the case on mine (a Treo 600 on Sprint). Also, since I have some set up in my contact list with *82 ahead of the number (to unblock my standard caller ID block on a few numbers)or a 1+ ahead of the number, when those people call it does not recognize them and just lists their incoming number without the name being displayed. Is there a way to fix this (like a way to separately designate what numbers should have the *82 dialed before the number and/or which need the 1+area code before the number, etc.)?

    (By the way, I also tried to search about this - and looked in the manual - but couldn't find anything helpful)

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    You could always reenter the persons into the contacts list without dialing prefixes in one of the other number fields. Then it would recognize the incoming number.
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    Problem is that it only lets you use 4 spots for numbers per person and I already have a home, work, mobile and other filled for them. I can't be the only one who has found this to be a problem --- can I?

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