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    My Treo is in on it's way via UPS. I'm eagerly awaiting it but have had a heck of a time finding a good shareware/freeware site? Browsing through the posts there are lots of goods links to specific pieces of software here and there, but no central repository.

    Does anyone know of a good site?

    If nothing yet exists, I'm more than happy to collect apps and stick them online for everyone.
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    I'm afraid there's no one single repository for Treo600-specific apps... at least I'm not aware of one! Anyway, there's tons of places to find freeware palm apps in addition to the forums at treocentral. Here are some places:

    I think it would be great if you could creat a mobile formatted list of all available Treo specific apps with links!
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    Cool, thanks for the links...

    I got no problem setting up a treo 600 mobile friendly list with links - but before I do that, I'll have to have my own treo to test with

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