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    Changes since 2.2.1:

    Feature: Support M3U files accessed from a web page. (#729)
    Feature: Support playing MP3/OGG files from an HTTP URL. (#1302)
    Feature: Support Exchange manager for playing MP3, Ogg, and WAV files (#521)
    Enhancement: Added ability to get volume, get/set volume boost, get/set song position, and get song duration from API (#903, #433)
    Bug fix: Fixed some memory leaks.
    Bug fix: Fixed an overflow bug with streaming audio.
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    works great! It's awesome to be able to download mp3's OTA from my own web server.
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    THanks for the 411 Felipe!!!

    That is the cats' meow. Tims got it go'n on!!

    Just yesterday I was thinknig to myself, while trying to download a .WAV and getting the non-supported reply. "Shurly someone can make an app to reconize these and port them to PTunes"..
    Well, we got one better..PTunes can do it by its self now.


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