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    I get an error when i try to sync my Treo 600 with bizcon
    Yoru security key is no longer valid. To continue, please select the Re-register option from the Account Settings menu.
    I can not find the account settings menu. Any one help?
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    I am having the same problem. Anyone know how to resolve this?

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    On your treo click on settings then click on "info" then "re-register". It will clear everything in Bizcon on your treo but whatever is on your desktop will be synced back over the first time you do that.
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    Open biz connect
    hit menu button
    under settings chose biz conn info
    Yes this is well hidden. It took almost an hour of screwing around with my biz connect when I moved PCs a few weeks ago. That is how I was finaly able to find it.
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    If that wasn't clear enough, start by clicking on the "menu" button on the keyboard when you are in bizconnect's email window. a tool bar should pop up with a "settings" tab. under that there should be "bizcon info" tab. that will bring up the "re-register" window. mine might be a little different than that because i'm using the beta version of Seven rather then bc.
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    Thanks. This is for my bosses phone so I will give it a try when he gets back in tomorrow morning. He gets the new toy and has me learn how to use it.

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    I got it reset this morning. Thanks for the help.


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