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    Greetings. Cats.
    I have a tremendous amt of respect for folk in this forum and am a tree6 user since day one. I am humble enough to ask someone a quest. to a problem I keep having with the Jabra bt headset for non bt phones.
    The Jabra set will disconnect on the Treo when you click to engage on incoming calls. It should engage calls as it does on my lady's $149 Samsung phone. Yet the Treo does'nt recognize the call as incoming and thus disengages calls when u press the phone icon on the headset. Is there a phone app out there that will assist me? Otherwise I'll have to manually answer the phone via the keypad and then push the hdst buttn, or hack the rom to go into the phone app and re-engineer it. (not recommended for not only is it illegal, you can perm. damage your phone). Anybody got any thoughts? Very Appreciated.
    TreeKing in need..
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    I have the Jabra Freespeak also and found the inablity to control the hangup key properly to be a real nuisance.. good luck finding something to fix this.

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