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    Just got goodlink installed today, and my review is mixed--


    Never need to put it in a cradle again. I made changes to some contacts in outlook, they were on my Treo before I pulled it from the cradle.
    Email shows up near instantaneously.
    It's got a "Today" like interface, so I was able to dump that button.
    You can make and accept meeting requests right from your device.
    Attachment support seems ok, I was able to view a PDF in it. Haven't tried word or outlook yet.
    Unlike Sprint BC, you don't have to leave it on that application to get your alerts-- no matter what you ran last, if you get email, you hear about it.


    Can't supply your own sounds, at least as far as I've found.
    5-way support not that great-- it scrolls email line by line, not page by page. You can hit space to go page by page, but that's not as convenient.
    Along with the above, lots of stuff is on option keys. For example, from the list of emails, if you wanted to delete one without reading it, you need to hit menu and select delete. With Sprint BC, you could arrow down to the message, hit right to select it and hit the icons at the bottom, then hit delete-- a nice quick way to kill spam or automated messages you don't need to read.
    Doesn't support sub-folders for contacts, although you can add public folders to your heart's content. Annoying if you had stuff lined up all nice and neat.


    Installation was a pain and a half. I wound up having to hard-reset my Treo before it would install correctly.


    From a reliability standpoint, it's looking way better than Sprint BC-- I don't have to worry about my workstation crashing, Sprint having something weird going on, etc. It's way faster so far, and the fact that all of outlook, more or less, is integrated in is nice.

    On the other hand, the UI is less friendly that Sprint BC. Maybe I just need to learn the shortcuts, but so far, I feel like I've got to keep reaching for the stylus to do anything serious. I've gotten used to not taking my thumb off the 5-way, and would like to get back to that.

    Overall, I think I'm gonna stick with this, and give BC a miss for now. I'm hoping that the next version of the UI is a bit more flexible and user friendly.
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    what version? 3.0? thanks a great review - very helpful
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    No, this is still 2.1. Hoping that the next version fixes some of the UI issues I reported.

    I did discover a few other shortcuts, like being able to use backspace to delete a message immediately, but it's still more awkward than Sprint BC...
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    Many of the menu commands have letters next to them which are shortcuts for the commands. For example, when viewing the email list, "r" is a shortcut for reply, "d" is a shortcut for delete and "f" is a shortcut for forward.

    Also. from the main Goodlink screen, "n" = new message, "c" = calendar, "o" = contacts.
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    The story is here....
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    Sadly, the keyboard shortcuts are inconsistent-- on the Inbox screen, I can hit D or Backspace to delete a message, but if I'm reading a message, only Backspace works. Rather akward for righties with big hands... Hoping 3.0 clears up a lot of these issues.
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    Hi There.

    I work for a Good partner. 3.0 is comming out later this week, and hopefully it will solve the problems you are experencing. We will be installing the upgrade this weekend on our internal systems and I will fill you in on the 5-way updates.


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