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    Our CEO is struggling with the Sprint Business Connection. I have read lots of great things about Good and their GoodLink hosted server solution. Anybody using it care to comment?
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    My company uses goodlink and the treo integrates quite nicely with it. I still am using Business Connect because I would have to send my "Precioussss" to Cali for the Goodlink conversion.

    Not sure about the hosted side but that sometimes makes people nervous about privacy, since your email is routed through Good servers, presumably. The server-side solution works well and your CEO never has to worry about his desktop keeping a connection.

    I am a little nervous about Goodlink because it seems to take over your address book and mail client...looks a little invasive, but I'm a techie and your CEO would probably appreciate the integration.

    I have been keeping Business Connect running by loading it automatically and locking my BC workstation in a closet. I use a free utility called "tweakui" to automatically log into my work domain and when BC craps out, I use a Windows Resource Kit utility called "Shutgui" to reboot that workstation over a VPN connection from my laptop on the road.


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    I just VPN in with Mergic VPN and run PalmVNC through the VPN tunnel to play whack-a-mole with the BC software.
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    Check out my review herehere
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    After 2 years of BC, I converted to Goodlink and think it is a huge upgrade in terms of reliability and speed. It's far from perfect, and it does hijack your system, but it's still excellent and much cheaper than RIM. You can get around the hijacking of your address book and contacts by deleting those programs from your phone.
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    We use GoodLink where i work and it is great our CEO of a major Fortune 500 company uses it as he travels. And the new version coming out soon is even better, at least for the management side of the device.
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    I downloaded Visto (treomails replacement) yesterday. Seems pretty good so far. Limited functionality however.

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