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    I'm on my first Treo 600. I switch over to that from a Sanyo 8100. Mine has Hardware version "C" and Software version "Treo600-1.10-SPR".

    I bought is a few weeks ago from Fry's Electronics in Houston, TX.

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    brand new for T-mo from HS (got it yesterday)

    Firmware 02.05
    Software Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware B
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    Just got a replacement for my defective Sprint Rev. B (Had the dreaded "network search"/ battery virus) which I had purchased from HS about 4-5 months ago.

    New phone is Rev. C

    Side by side comp:
    Rev. C Camera is slightly better in good light and slightly worse in low light. Buttons on the Rev C seem to be tighter and have a bit more "click" to them. The screen is definitely clearer and slightly brighter.
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    handspring t-mobile

    Firmware: 02.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B

    - cb
    copper treo 680/t-mobile
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    Sprint rev. C
    Purchase from Best Buy.
    Saginaw Michigan USA.
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    October 2003-Sprint Rev. B <---returned due to battery malfunction

    November 2003-Sprint Rev. C <---working well with no major issues *fingers crossed*
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