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    I was playing with the demo of Lightwav today on my Treo 600 and decided it might be fun to put some of the 80's classic arcade sounds in as ringers.

    I fiddled for a few minutes with MAME and WireTap on my Mac TiBook and created these two archives for anybody who would like them.

    Yes, they are silly... but it was fun to make them. There are two of most of the ones I created. One will just be the relevant theme and the other would include some play and sound effects that will be familiar to anyone interested.

    Feel free to check out my website as well... classic arcade games are something I enjoy a great deal.

    This first post will be the .wav versions. The next post will be the .mp3 versions.

    - Aaron
    Aaron's MAME'd Millipede:
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    Here are the MP3'd versions of the same.
    Aaron's MAME'd Millipede:
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    Well, maybe not... I suspect the files were too large (2 megs and 4 megs) and the system ignored them despite the upload.

    If somebody wants to host them, let me know.

    Any suggestions?
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    Aaron's MAME'd Millipede:
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    Bummer. I was ready to download.
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    Not that I even have my treo yet (I'm a T-mobiler) but I started compiling a few 80's game sounds for ringers, tones, beeps, whatever.

    I cleaned these up a bit coming out of MAME - They may be too hot for the onboard DAC/speaker, so let me know how they sound on an actual treo.
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    Sound good on my Treo600! I can load them right off your site to my T600 via the new Beta Pocket Tunes too....
    Gotta love it.........
    Thanks for the memories!
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    Sure I could host them guys......give me a holla

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