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    Anyone know of a way to get the treo 300 ringtones onto the 600. Is it just me, or do the built-in 600 ring tones just plain stink. The 300 wasn't much better, but I had one or two I was used to. I'd be great if I could use em again.
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    I think this should work...

    if you have tcringer on the 300, use it to copy the midi rings you want into another database (not the default)

    sync the phone, and install the db from the backup folder or simply beam the pdb from the 300 to the 600

    then use TC on the 600 to copy the midi's from the database into the Midi_Ring_Tones.pdb database

    TC won't work as a ringtone replacement on the 600, but it will work to copy midi's between databases

    Personally, I would suggest Lightwav - you can use mp3's or wav's as your ringtones and they tend to be MUCH louder on the t600

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