Hello from Washington State,
A few weeks ago I received an SMS message on my 600 stating I
should upgrate my ROM. (messg from SPRINT). I thought why not?
I went to my PC, read about it. Ensured I had enough memory and a fully charged Treo 600 to do it. Downloaded the EXEC and
all went to hell.

Don't remember the exact details but here goes.

When I tried to run the exec I got a warning stating that there was insufficient memory on the 600 to do the upgrade.
Upon that I said.. forget it. From then on whenever I tried to
use the 600 I'd get into a loop where upon HOTSYNC it would
want to know my unit name - load all my 2nd party sw from
backup - run the 1.10 updater... etc,. when done all my 2nd
party stuff would be gone.
Subsequent HOTSYNCS would render the same results.
After 3 or 4 hours on the phone with SPRINT (mostly on hold)
upon the help from from Sprint TEC we deleted a ..101.prc file
that got created in my backup directory and I was able to
return back to when I never made the upgrade attempt.

Anyway my qustion to yoy folks is..

Shoud I be bold/stupid enough to try it again or leave
well enough alone?

In my readings the upgrade appears primarily address SMS
issues.. that have never seemed to be a problem for me.
(SMS always has and does work in sending and recieving short
text messages).

Perhaps it was never a problem for where I live, mny phone etc,?

II don't wanna attempt an upate just for the sake of updating..

Any suggestions? Am I missing something if I don't sucessfully
do an update? Or should I just shut up and be happy for the
way it is now?