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    I was noticing that on several sites that there are Treo specific versions of various Palm applicatoins . Is it that software has to be specifically written for them or can Treos also use all of the standard Palm os 3.x to 4.x software ?

    I really need this info before I decide to get this or to get a PDA and phone seperate .
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    I wouldn't say they are Treo-specific versions, but instead there are versions that have added support for special features of the Treo like the 5 way nav. You will find the same additions to applications for special features of other PDAs as well.

    There are also Treo only applications that enhance a specific feature of the Treo. These types of apps are generally useless on other PDAs as they don't have the special features included in the Treo.
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    So standard stuff works .......... good . Now to find one without service ( GSM ) .
    Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."

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