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    Last night after making a few calls my treo 300 turned off its speaker/ear piece and wouldn't let me hear anyone on the other end. It even took the speakerphone symbol off the screen so I couldn't even select it if I wanted to. It also would keep the call on the line even after closing the cover. It was acting like I was using an ear bud or something. To fix the problem I tried the reset button on the back and that didn't fix it. Very strange.

    When I woke up today it was still doing it but when I got to work an hour later everything seemed to be working fine.

    Has anyone had this happen to them? If so what's the fix.

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    If you ever have the problem stated above take a tooth pick and push the contacts apart where the ear piece plugs in. I guess they are really close together and mine were touching telling my treo to disable my ear piece.

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