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    Afther our company's exchange server was moved from one physical machine to another the hotsync told me the following (translated):"The Outlookstandardprofile has moved. If you continue a recovery synchronisation wil be done, duriing which duplicates could b created" The first thing I was thinking great I will end up with all entrys duplicated. No risk no fun I choose to go on and thankfully there wasn;t enything duplicated and synchronisation of all except the Calendar works fine now.

    But for the Calendar Hotsync is prompting that question mentioned above everytime I sync my treo. So it does a recoverysync without any errormessages but will prompt me for a recovery the next time again and so on. As I said no problem with contacts, notes or do to lists only calendar.

    Any similar happenings? Thanks for your help guys.

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    I suspect that you'll need to uninstall, then reinstall pocketMirror. You might want to chck their website ( They have good FAQs and respond fairly quickly to emails.

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    I wasn't even aware that Pocket Mirror has to do anything with that syncprocess.
    I recognized some software component in the system management but didn't now that hotsync is using it.

    I think I'll have to have a deeper look into that.


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    Updating to a newer version solved the problem.

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