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    Would any of you GSM SMS users please comment on SMS chat threads on your T6? I'm a sprint user and I only get a chat thread when the SMS message is from a mobile phone. All of the other messages come to me as "Email Gateway".

    On the TMobile & Cingular SMS, do you get a chat thread when you send and receive messages from email addresses that are in your address book? Are the results I'm seeing on Sprint due to their implementation of SMS.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

    Happy Treo-ing!!!
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    But I wondered that myself. I have Sprint. And I will take this chance to hijack your post with my own question regarding the chat windows. Is there anyway to save it so you can easily return to it. I hate scrolling to find the chat thread I want in a list of sms messages, I know I could just select that person from my contacts, but I would like to be able to launch the individual chat threads from the launcher maybe or favorites. Just a thought. But that email gateway is annoying and is definately part of how Sprint set everything up. You will appreciate it if you have a account

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