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    Anyone know if Vision works in Key West? I see Sprint shows coverage there, but I don't know if that means that data service will work. Thanks!

    Sprint Coverage:
    ZIP: 33040


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    Worked for me when I was there last year. Service was spotty in some areas while driving down.
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    Sweet! Thanks for replying.

    TreoNYC (soon to be TreoKeyWest)
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    I'll say something when I go to Key Laro in two weeks.
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    I went down to anne's beach on monday in mile marker 73 (no coverage in that spot) but yes... spotty coverage...some places great some not at all. key west must have it
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    I had excellent service from Sprint on the island, including data when I was down there last year. However, the service along the seven mile bridge and other parts along the way leave something to be desired. But sometimes its nice to not be attached to the rest of the world, assuming you are going on vacation of course....
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    From Key Largo, well into the Back country by boat, had lots of signal. No problems at all when I was there last spring, more reliable than my handheld VHF!

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