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    Hello everyone...
    This site has inspired me to buy Treo600. I bought one in Bestbuy with 10%off for $540 (150MIR) last Saturday. Everything is going well, but today morning a strange thing happened...I was switching from emai to phone app, The screen went freeze and nothing works, absolutely nothing works. I was in the train and had nothing sharp object to RESET it. After I came to my work I did able to reset and its working now.
    Do anybody think I should change the instrument...or just see few more days. I have 14day return thing on it and no insurance.
    I thought you guys might give me some advise.
    Thanks in advance for your advise.

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    These sorts of resets are *almost* always a software related issue. Have you installed any 3rd party apps? (What mail client are you using?)

    Occasional resets are a Palm fact of life, sort of like Ctrl-Alt-Del on a PC.

    BTW, you DO have a sharp object to reset it with. Unscrew the tip of your stylus and you'll find a perfect reset tool.
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    Thanks for the advise...
    Its only two days I opened the box...I have almost 80% free space and no 3rd party s/w's. I just finished synchronizing with my phone book. That's the reason I was concerned with wether to change the instrument. I would say its relatively still new.
    Any more inputs ?

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    Occassional soft resets are part of life with the Treo 600. They are so normal that Handspring installed a reset pin in the stylus (unscrew the tip of the stylus and you'll see what I mean). I usually soft reset the device once a week just to clear memory and restart my connection the the wireless network. It's unlikely that you have a defective device and most likely nothing to worry about.
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    Purchase Backupman and relax.
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    I agree with Rosenft. Resetting the treo every now and then is part of life. But my collegue with an ipaq has to reset twice a day, i reset twice a week if i am unlucky.

    Be glad you don't have to work with windows 98 anymore....talking about resetting/restarting.......

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