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    Afther installing RAM DISK and creating a virtual SD Card on my Treo I tried to upload mp3's to it which sometimes works but often does not. I have no clear reason for it the size is ok.

    I upload the mp3's by opening them with the Palminstaller program which adds them to be uploaded on the "unkown" Card which as I said sometimes work but often does not. I will buy a real SD card anyway now so it is not mission critical but it would interest me if there was someone else having that Problem.

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    I created a ram disk and loaded a few mp3 files to use as ringtones for lightwav.

    I had already copied the mp3s onto my SD card using a USB card reader.

    After I put the card in my Treo 600 I used a file manager (zlauncher), which recognizes both the SD card and Ram disk to move the mp3s from one location to the other.

    That worked for me. I know its not the same issue you are having. I tried to load mp3s with the palm installer and it took FOREVER.....
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    The reason why the palm installer does not consistently work on the ram drive is because the drive does not have a fixed volume.


    How did you manage to make lightwave work on palm ram drive ? the lightwave only manage to read my sd card but not my ram drive. i tried removing my sd card but light wave still can't manage to read it. is there a trick of doing it ? I always thought that lightwave does not support multiple drive. Thanks
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    I don't know how I got it to work. I set up my Ram disk. I set it to 2mb. I moved my music files over and when I went into Lightwav it automatically searched for music and saw all of the files on my SD card and my Ram disk.

    I selected the music file I wanted as my ringer and set it and it worked fine.

    After one reset my Ram disk was not being recognized by my Treo 600 so I had to go into the ram disk menu in Preferences and remount it. Once I did that Lightwav saw it again.
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    So that may be the reason why it works forme at the moment I will be able to say more about it after I installed the physical card and try to access the virtual one again. I'll let you know.

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    I think the trick with Lightwav was that it read from the first non-palm card it found-- either name your RAM disk to start with a name that comes before the name of your SD card, or you can copy files to it, pop the SD card, then run lightwav-- once it finds them on the RAM disk, it seems to keep going back to it.

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