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    In August I purchased the 300. Worked ok for a while, some crashes, then the screen started messing up. It went from ok at time to comepletely illegible. Called Handspring they said I have to call sprint. I call sprint they know absolutely nothing about the 300. They tell me to take it to a Sprint Store. Wait endlessly on line, until they were ready to call next, they send me another 300. GREAT SCREEN..except this one crashes in phonebook. I irately call Sprint they tell me to go to the Store. I wait endlessly on line until they are good and ready to call next. They tell me I have to wait 3 hours. I say,I cant,get me a manager. He comes they send me another 300. so far so good but after only 2 days I am a little leary.

    Handspring Support.....none
    Sprint Support...They tried but are really uncaring.

    Save your money forget the Treo
    Stay away from Sprint

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    Save your money forget the Treo
    Stay away from Sprint
    I feel your pain, especially regarding Sprint! But I recommed you consider upgrading to the Treo600...Haven't had any major hardware problems at all!
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    Well...I just received my third Treo...So far so crashes...I am slowly putting in 3rd party software.


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