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    So how long is number porting taking these days? I want to add my wife to my Sprint acct while bringing her number from Verizon. Have they worked out the kinks or is this still a nightmare?
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    Anyone try bringing a phone number from another carrier to Sprint lately?
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    Do not bump too often. I reccomend only once a day. Some people only check the forums once a day.
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    My coworker ported a number from Sprint to T-mobile. It was seemless and only took two hours.
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    I went from Verizon to Sprint about 2 weeks ago, and porting took about 12-14 hours. I did it overnight, so it wasn't a big deal, but I thought that was quite long.
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    We just moved my wife's number from Cingular to Sprint yesterday. We started the process on Monday night sometime between 9 and 10PM PST (didn't look at the clock but it was after we put the kids to bed) and she was given 11:45AM PST Tuesday as the time it would be complete. I'm not sure of the exact time of the switchover but at 9AM it was still going to Cingular and at 12Noon is was going to Sprint.
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    My wife and I opened a Sprint account 1/30/04, and ported her Verizon number over, which took about 4 days.

    On the other hand, my number is still in process. I am bringing over an SBC Ameritech Pager number, which Sprint told me wouldn't be a problem, but it will take longer. It is supposed to be completed 2/24/04, which obviously is longer than I want it to take, but I love my pager number, and all my contacts know it. My fingers are still crossed that it will actually go through.
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    Wow!! I didn't think ANYONE else was in the same boat I was...

    I am also an Ameritech pager owner, for the past 9 years!!!
    Needless to say, but I would love to keep the number, and port it to Sprint. I tried...

    I have bad news for you...
    I spoke to Sprint shortly after I purchased my t600 in Mid Dec. and they said the number will port in 5 business days. Two weeks later I call Sprint to see what the holdup was, they said that they contacted Ameritech but never received a response for the request that Sprint sent.

    They told me to call Ameritech and ask why, but they said they had no number for me to call them directly - in other words, they don't know who to contact at Ameritech to get these answers.
    So I looked around for a number to call Ameritech, and after being bounced around for a while, I got a hold of someone who knew what number portability was :-)

    I must have talked to him for a good 45 minutes, and the gist of the conversation was that PAGERS ARE OMITTED from WLNP, and they HAVE NO CLUE why Sprint said it was OK to port the number, bottom line is "IT CAN'T BE PORTED."
    I quickliy explained to him that Sprint is not the only company saying it is OK to port, but Nextel, AT&T and Verizon were all listing the pager number as OK to port. He said to call them and ask why :-( (DAMN MAN! I thought I was going to do the impossible!)

    Well after all of that, I decided to get a local land phone number through SBC, a number that I could gear for business that has call forwarding, a xxx-xxx-1500 (easy to remember) number. After I advertise on my current pager the new phone number for some time, I will use LNP to my Sprint phone at that time.

    So long to my old pager number, in about 6 months and a lot of phone calls to clients...

    Anyhow, don't hold your breath - but PLEASE tell me if it ever works for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by NJ Dog Doc
    So how long is number porting taking these days? I want to add my wife to my Sprint acct while bringing her number from Verizon. Have they worked out the kinks or is this still a nightmare?
    Two weeks ago, I bought my son a Sprint vision phone at Costco. Went to Sprint store to port his VZW number as an add-a-phone to my account with vision ($25). Two hours later voice was working. Another two hours, vision was working. Hope you have the same uneventful experience.
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    I made the request to port my verizon number to sprint 11 days ago. Still does not work. It seems pretty random what you're service you gonna get.
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    Thanks for the input, folks. I started the process this afternoon. We'll see how long it takes.
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    All I can say is I think it has improved...A few co-workers ported within 24-48 hrs max from sprint to cingular. i on the other hand started a port in Nov 03' ( yes I was stupid and had to do it.... ) It took until The beginning of Feb 04' to complete ( Verizon to Cingular ). So I guess it is the luck of the draw ! Good luck...hopefully yours will be fast and painless ~!
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    Man, I can't believe your story! Actually, I can--I've been fearing the worst. Sprint has screwed me over ever since I opened an account with them 3 weeks ago--everything has been bait and switched by them (phone in stock, actually out of stock; Cost of monthly rate plan went up $20 more than promised after I agreed to contract and put in my phone orders; They sent the wrong 2 phones; etc, etc)
    Oh well, I guess I'll call them tomorrow and spend 4-5 more hours on the phone trying to get it squared away, and see how bad of a number they can give me.

    By the way, I checked some other carriers just like you did. Verizon and Cingular say I can port the pager #, T Mobile says I can't until March 24th (they think?). T Mobile said that I could port it if it was a landline.

    Thanks for your story and sympathy--I'll let you know how it turns out!
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    i ported from T-Mo to AT&T (first big mistake). Portability took about 2 hrs...getting my AT&T account activated to 5 friggin days. Which is about how long you wait on hold to talk to someone there.
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    Wow, looks like it is getting better.
    I ported from AT&T to SPrint back in early Dec. I started the process 5 days before my service date for AT&T. It took 7 days, and then AT&T wanted to charge me the full month fee for 2 days. I fought them, got them to agree to a prorate, then my bill shows up with a prorated fee, pluss a deactivation fee for the exact diffence in the monthly fee - the pro rate bill!!!!! A few more call explaining that I was not under contract, that my wife is not under contract and still with them, and a note to check out how incredibly easy it is to submitt a report to the fcc and the vast number of AT&T complaints to model mine after, and not only did I get my bill ajusted they threw in a free month of service for my wife since she was a valued customer. Soon as I find a good deal on anothr Sprint phone, they are history!!!!

    Basicly, as long as you start the port process a day or two before your bill date, you should not have to pay the next month to the old service if the delay causes the phone to roll over to the next month.

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