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    Treo 600 GSM (Cingular version used in Jamaica - works great!!)

    Main issues:
    - reset after sending e-mail from Agendus Pro
    - poor sound quality from rear speaker (speakerphone mode)
    - occasionally doesn't dial a call on the first try and screen returns to dial pad display.

    I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to firmware 2.09. Comments/advice?

    Someone please send me a copy of 2.09 and the install instructions. The Italian web site rejects the serial no. of my Treo.

    Thanks much!!!
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    The 2.09 upgrade is on the boards somewhere. Do a search for "fw". I can't remember the exact title of the thread. I believe Mol posted it, search by his username as well to narrow down your search. There is also detailed instructions within the same thread.
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    you should talk to agendus about the reset. I doubt it is a treo problem.

    I dont think the fw upgrade will solve your speaker phone issue. can you get an exchange?

    this happens to me once in awhile, but seems to be a connection issue. i get two tones and then takes me back to the main screen.
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