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    Hey folks,

    Okay, I've installed the Palm Desktop software v4.1, and the Handheld Sync Conduit for Entourage from Microsoft. Did a sync, and my tasks, notes, and contacts synced, but no data at all came over from my calendar.

    Checked the condiut, and the settings look fine.

    Tried doing a rebuild on the Entourage database (option-click on startup), to no avail.

    Anyone had this before? Is there anyone who can help? The support on these things seems less-than useful.


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    Odd. Never encountered that myself. The only thing I can think of is whether your settings match between the two. In other words, is the date set the same in Entourage and on your Treo (date format, day week begins, actual year, etc.).

    Also, is your Entourage updated with the most recent service releases? What about OS? Under 10.2.8, and now Panther, things are peachy.

    There is limited help on the Microsoft site at

    And you did say your conduit settings are fine, right? Entourage overwrites or synchronizes with Treo...

    Good luck.
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    I've had loads of problems between Entourage and the Treo. The first problem was with it not synching the contacts. Turns out Entourage corrupted some of the contact data. I needed to clean all the contacts out of Entourage and resync (Treo overwriting desktop) to get the corrupt ones cleared out.

    I've still had trouble with appointments entered in the treo not turning up in Entourage.

    I'd skip Entourage, but I need the memo and to do list....
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    Yeah, definitely back up your Entourage data before doing any of this. The data is located in your user folder under Documents>Microsoft. Just drag the whole thing to a cd-r and be done with it just in case.

    I have heard a lot of people complaining about this, but it has worked for me. However, I may just look into the new versions of Mail and iCal and Address Book that ship with Panther, and then use iSync. Should be pretty easy to make the transition.

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