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    I am on my third treo, the have all had problems not with the speakerphone but the normal speaker wher ei hear the person talking. The first two were just so rhapsy I couldnt make them out. On my thiurd unit here everything has been going good for a month but today I was going to Indianapolis and like my speaker went dead for like 4 hours and is working fine again. Do you think I should just take this unit back and get a VM4500 instead?

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    I'm on my third treo as well. It's all up to you. I can't imagine how I'd function without my treo seeing all the money and time that I have invested in it. I am with sprint and they replace it everytime it needs to be replaced. It gets annoying but with quiet conviction (IE I complain lol) I usually get service credits everytime this happens.
    If I were you I would just keep replacing it
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