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    So, I tried posting before, with no answer or reply, probably because you all thought I had a T600 not a Treo 600.

    Well, I am wainting delivery of my TREO 600, and hoping for some advice on headset (sounds like the one coming with the Treo is weak), cases (I need something to protect it-I am clumbsy-and look fairly professional while retaining functionality) and any other suggestions or advice you all have.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I recommend you do a search for "cases" and "headphones". You will find tons of discussions with a wide range of opinions (some with pictures). Also search for "killer apps" and "what's on your treo" for those must have applications. Last, but not least, search for "screen protector". Once again, you will find a wide range of opinions, but this is a must have.

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