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    Sprint - SF Bay Area - Sending SMS to AT&T subscriber.

    When trying to send an SMS I get "The network is not responding now. The message will automatically be resent later." After a few auto retries I get "The network is not responding now." I was able to send a test to myself (it did retry once).

    Last week I was able to send SMS to AT&T. Anyone else having a similar problem?
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    Yup, having the same problem in Florida (Orlando area at the moment). All of a sudden I get a "network not responding error" on all outgoing sms's... However I do still seem to be able to get incoming sms fine....

    I even called CS (*2) tech support, but they of course had no clue what the problem could be...
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    Same here in DC. Has worked fine all weekend, incomings still work, but now "the network is not responding now message will be automatically resent later..."
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    Glad to hear it's not just me...
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    Same here in Jacksonville, FL
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    Same here in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is very very frustrating.
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    Just appears to have begun working again. Very odd.
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    Doh! Stupid Sprint!

    SMS not working in Philly. Outbound not working. Inbound not working.

    Thought it was because I didn't upgrade the refurbed phone. Glad it's not that cause I'm still not gonna upgrade!
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    I got the same thing today in L.A. CA I haven't tried again to see if it is working yet
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    What's weird is if you send an sms to yourself, you receive it with no problems....well, at least I did and I have tried it a 3 or 4 times.

    FYI, I am in Orange County, CA
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    Same problem here in Indianapolis
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    Just tried 2 minutes ago in Los Angeles (Hollywood). No dice. Been down for about 4 hours.
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    I have heard SMS is working in NYC. When I sent a message in the past I would get an error. But now I don't get a error, but the message does not go through.
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    I've been back up and running since about 9pm Pacific Time last night.

    SMS is back .... here.
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    SMS send yielded "Network not responding" here in the Bay Area peninsula from around 3pm to 9pm yesterday. Shortmail worked though. Everything ok currently.
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