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    I am fortunate to have both a Sprint Treo 600 and a new T3. Since the T600 does not have Bluetooth, is there a way to use my T3 to get to the web utilizing infra red? The IR phone connections on the T3 seem to not be compatible with Sprint.
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    Yes, there is an app by called "Wireless Modem" that allowed you to use the Treo600 as a modem via IR, BT and serial cable. However the developer has taken it off the site b/c some moronic users decided to hack his code! That's too bad cus did exactly what you describe. I would suggest you email Scott Gruby and inquire about the app personally...
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    Does anyone know which of the "Real" files from the download a few messages back need to go in the internal memory vs. an SD Card? I'm trying to conserve memory.


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